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Our way of saying Thank You!

The UK is renowned for it's amazing charity work and non-profit organisations who support and provide much needed assistance for many experiencing differing issues and challenges. The recent pandemic has brought the need for charities and the incredible work they do to the forefront and this has captured the public's hearts.

Here at MI Team Training we wanted to play our part in saying thank you - not only for the incredible work throughout Covid - 19 and the lockdown but also for all that goes unseen, the support lines that are manned round the clock, the food banks that are stocked, the sheltered accommodation that is staffed and the many ways that money is raised to keep charities and non profit organisations afloat.

We would therefore like to ask charities to nominate themselves, or ask you to nominate a charitable cause that is close to your heart. Once a quarter we will select a charity/non profit organisation who will receive a day's free training in either Mental Health (up to 16 employees) or First Aid at Work ( up to 12 employees).*

The day's training will be completely free of charge and should the organisation wish to upgrade to a 2 or 3 day course then the value of a 1 day training course will be deducted accordingly.

MI Team Training will be helping 4 charities/non profit organisations a year whilst promoting awareness of Mental Health or raising awareness of First Aid procedures and most importantly saying Thank You.

All nominations should be emailed to stating Charity in the subject field.

*Terms and conditions apply - all details are available on our website.

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