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First Aid at Work Internal Quality Assurance Policy

Commitment to Internal Quality Assurance

The Internal Quality Assurance Policy requires commitment from everyone within the Company. Our Founder Mike Izzard is responsible for the implementation and effective operation of this policy and copies can be obtained from Mike Izzard upon request.

This policy will be taken into account during the design and development of all our processes and procedures. This should be read in conjunction with any relevant code of practice, QA Centre Quality Assurance Guidance and the relevant QA Trainer Risk Rating Guidance documents.

Our Responsibilities

As an approved Qualsafe Awards Centre we will make sure:

· All trainers, assessors and internal quality assurers (IQAs) are familiar with this policy and all related documents

· All internal quality assurance activity will be completed in accordance with all relevant Qualsafe Awards requirements

· Upon commencement of their employment, staff will be informed of the existence of this policy and the company’s expectations of them under its terms

· All trainers, assessors and IQAs should have a working knowledge of internal quality assurance and all relevant assessment procedures

· All qualification suites will be allocated a sufficient number of internal quality assurers

· All qualification suites will have sufficient internal quality assurance activity carried out, including desk based reviews, trainer observations and action plans

· Standardised documentation, either provided by Qualsafe Awards or internally by our Centre, will be used for recording the internal quality assurance process and subsequent activity

· As a Centre, we will encourage and enable our staff to attend standardisation meetings

Monitoring and review

We will monitor all the feedback we receive in relation to the issues affected by the Policy and will amend the policy as necessary.

The Policy will be updated with any amendments to new or existing legislation, regulatory information and industry standards.

In any event, this policy will be reviewed annually.

MI Team Training

September 2023

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