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Blow away Blue Monday...

The 3rd Monday of the New Year has been named by some as Blue Monday - the most depressing day of the calendar year.

Initiated by a travel company and designed with the sole purpose to sell holidays, the calculation determining the depressing outcome used the winter weather, post Christmas feelings and return to work following the festive break.

Whilst there is no doubt that once the world reopens following the Covid lockdown we will all want to travel and enjoy that holiday feeling, Blue Monday is not based on any scientific data and therefore has no foundation.

We need to protect our Mental Health from outside influences telling us we should be feeling depressed - this year more than ever!

Our Mental Health is individual to us all, we will all have good and bad days, and therefore it is unrealistic to identify a single day within a year where we will all be feeling lower than normal. Undoubtedly seasonal variations in our Mental Health exist, Seasonal Affective Disorder will identify patterns of behavior that alter with changes to the seasons. The shorter days in Winter may restrict our ability to exercise or be outside in general - activities which are proven to be of benefit to good Mental Health.

This year more than any other we need to be aware of our Mental Health and supporting those around us. The ongoing pandemic and associated lockdowns are impacting us physically and mentally - the older, working and younger generations all affected in their own ways. Many aspects of society that we rely on for positive Mental Health have been restricted over a prolonged period of time and this can have a detrimental effect.

The message is clear.

Blue Monday is a commercial myth.

We should be thinking about our Mental Health every day.

We should be taking steps to protect our Mental Health every day.

We should be supporting the Mental Health of those around us every day.

Blow away Blue Monday and break the stigma.

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