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Why is First Aid for Mental Health Training so important for your business?

Recent workplace studies have shown that 1 in 4 of the workforce are struggling with mental health. Consequently  there has never been a more crucial time to ensure your employee's awareness and skills to manage First Aid for Mental Health.

The impact of Covid - 19 and the resulting "lockdown" has seen many employees either furloughed or working in isolation away from their normal interaction with colleagues. Key workers have not only experienced challenging working conditions but also demanding changes to their mental well being.

Our training aim is to provide them with the knowledge and the confidence to take earlier intervention with their team members and colleagues.

It will also provide them with the skills and knowledge to address mental health and for you as an employer this can make a difference in the following areas:-

  • Lowering absence and associated costs of absence through early intervention

  • Retaining your best talent

  • Supporting your brand as a proactive employer

  • Creating a healthy, enjoyable and effective environment

  • Promote personal development and positive engagement

  • Increase productivity

  • Attract new employee talent to your business

"Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other" - John F. Kennedy

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